Cawton Grove

Together, the architects and home-owners have taken a simple and robust design and created a space that can continue to grow and serve the family’s changing needs. With all the different products, systems, opinions on materials and innovations that are available for a new home, Jonny wanted to find out exactly what works well long-term, because you don’t really know until you know!

A mixture of cedar, imported clay brick together with the dark joinery and roof provide contrast to this home while at the same time offering a great uniqueness.

A lot of inspiration for the systems used in this home, were to aid in the of passing on of experience to customers Also to showcase where the best places are to invest or save a bit more, ensuring comfort and longevity.

A few features that have been found to be a great addition to this new home:

• Fully ducted Heating and Cooling system; This also brings fresh air into the home via a heat exchanger. Great for cooling in summer too, you hardly even know it’s there!

• Thermally broken aluminum windows and doors with euro sliders and Low-E glass. This minimises condensation and heat loss and the sliders are so smooth to operate!

• Beautiful Oak timber flooring throughout the living areas and kitchen. Easy to clean, non-allergenic and an all-round good hard-wearing product.

• Louvres to the exterior entertaining area. Provides extra shade to the living area during the heat of summer, protection for the furniture during wet days, and the flexibility to open and close the roof when desired!

This home is a real testament to what is available and the quality is second to none. Jonny and Tania love their new home and believe there is some great inspiration to be passed on to others.